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The Synergy Advantage

Experienced, professional, dedicated workplace investigation and mediation experts providing a holistic approach to resolving workplace disputes.

Synergy TeamSynergy (syn/ergy):the interaction or cooperation of two or more organisations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

At Synergy Workplace Investigations, we strive to live up to the definition of our name.

Some allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviour are too complex, resource hungry and/or sensitive to investigate in-house.

That’s when you need objective external specialists to join your team and help you bring about objective, positive and long lasting resolution to your workplace dispute.

Responsive to Your Needs

We understand the importance of prompt efficiency when complaints have been made. That’s why you can rely on Synergy Workplace Investigations to be ready to listen and deal with your matter at short notice. We are available for the first briefing within 24 hours and ready to commence your workplace investigation immediately after. Our expert team members are available for free consultations any time. Contact us today.

Decades of Experience

Our expert team of workplace investigators, legal advisors, organisational psychologists and industrial mediators has decades of combined experience having worked in a wide range of government and private sector environments. We use a collaborative approach to ensure the investigation of your case benefits from a cross section of disciplines, also drawing from your in-depth knowledge of your organisation and the people that work within it.

Best Practice Processes

Our best practice methodology adheres to Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission guidelines for workplace investigations. All our investigations are conducted under the supervision of highly experienced HR and IR professionals in strict adherence to legislation, organisational policies and procedures, the Australian Privacy Principles and the principals of natural justice and due process.

A holistic / collaborative approach to workplace investigations

We recognise that the success of any investigation relies upon a collaborative and co-operative approach. Our panel of highly experienced investigators, organisational psychologists and professional industrial mediators will work closely with your organisation in bringing about a timely and harmonious resolution to your workplace dispute no matter how complex.

Methodology is key

We understand the importance of expedience in an investigation but we also value thoroughness. We take the time to learn the culture of your organisation and to understand the forces that brought the matter to a head. We are meticulous in our methodology. Our conclusions are not easily challenged and our recommendations are always practicable.

Wide-ranging Experience

We are experienced in dealing with complaints across a wide range of industries and employment categories from the factory floor to senior executive level and above. We can also review your internal investigation to ensure methodology is sound enough to withstand scrutiny.

A Strong Track Record

We have a strong and ever-growing client base. Our clients would describe us as;

  • easy to work with,
  • available 24/7,
  • capable of handling complex cases,
  • thorough; and
  • best practice oriented.

Personalised Service – You’re More than a Case Number

Synergy is a boutique firm which means you’re not just a case number, you’re a highly valued client and you’ll be treated accordingly. You get to speak to an expert straight away – no automated switchboards and no sitting on hold. You get to deal with the same person every time you call, someone who knows your business and understands your matter.

Privacy and Discretion

With a long history in the investigative services industry, we understand the importance of discretion and confidentiality. Our privacy policy and security measures are designed to ensure matters under investigation are protected. We know how to lock the situation down before information can be leaked to the public. We know how to manage media interest when working for high profile clients. From time to time, workplace matters can come to the attention of media. Details may be leaked by the complainant or their colleagues, family members or associates. Workplace disputes have the potential to become a media circus, compromising investigations and inflaming tensions. That’s why you need to be able to count on your external consultants to maintain confidentiality under the weight of media attention. The bottom line is, if the media come knocking, we send them packing!

For advice phone 1300 664 341 or fill in our online enquiry form and we will get back to you promptly. More information about appointing an external investigator can be found in our resources section.

Organisation Memberships and Partners

Cloak Investigations (T/A Synergy Workplace Investigations) is an Organisation Member of the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI ). Our membership of AHRI enables us to stay up to date with the latest developments in HR including important changes to workplace legislation, news, research results, industry developments and trends.

Cloak Investigations (T/A Synergy Workplace Investigations) is a corporate member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL). We are subject to ASIAL audit requirements and thus committed to high standards of administration and industry compliance.

Cloak Investigations (T/A Synergy Workplace Investigations) is a Company Member of the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce (CCNB) The BNCC is a not for profit organisation with the overall vision of “Building a Business Community to Support Each Other”.

Synergy Workplace Investigations is a member of the Chamber of Commerce Maroochydore. The Maroochydore Chamber of Commerce is one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading business organisations with decades of experience in supporting and working with our local and regional business community. To the link view our Membership Certificate