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On-Site Workplace Health and Safety Training

Our WHS expert has 10 years experience in assessing organisation requirements and designing and facilitating custom workplace health and safety training sessions for organisations in the construction, retail and manufacturing industries to ensure that both the employer and employee are aware of their legislated obligations and are appropriately trained.

The Workplace Health and Safety Regulations 2011 clearly state that all PCBU’s are required to provide training to their workers that is suitable and adequate having regard to the work they are required to perform and the associated risks of such work (Part 3.2). This not only relates to the technical aspects of the job in which the worker is employed but also other aspects such as; work place policies (general induction), manual handling, hazard reporting, electrical safety, fire hazards and evacuation procedures, reporting requirements, notification of accidents in the workplace and other occupational health and safety issues within the workplace that may constitute a risk to workers.

Division 2 of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations (2011) relates to the election and duties of a Health and Safety Representative within the workplace. It is an employer’s obligation to arrange for the appointment of a Health and Safety Representative within the workplace if requested by a worker. It is also a requirement that the employer arranges for, and allows the worker time off work so as to receive the appropriate training.

Often having the worker off work for a period of 5 days is not appropriate, nor reasonable under the circumstances. Our expert has facilitated countless on-site Health and Safety Representative courses both with a Registered Training Organisation and elsewhere. She has also facilitated a customized version of the training so as to deliver it to private clients allowing her to facilitate (to some extent) the employer’s conditions that a worker remains in the workplace in case they are needed.

All training provided by Synergy Workplace Investigations is specifically designed to meet organisational requirements, including appropriate content, and to fit with time constraints.

Our Custom Designed Courses can cover the following topics:

  • Mitigating losses from workplace injuries and accidents;
  • Work Health and Safety General Inductions – site specific;
  • Litigation Audits – Identifying potential litigators;
  • Effective Rehabilitation skills for PPI claims and aggrieved workers;
  • Meeting compliance obligations – for employers;
  • Workplace Health Seminar – reducing physical injuries, health and stress related injuries and increasing peak performance;
  • Implementing OHS systems in the workplace;
  • Rehabilitation and Return to Work Coordinator training
  • Workplace Documentation – what should be documented;
  • Conducting Root Cause Analyses;
  • Health and Safety Representatives Refresher course;
  • Environmental Awareness – site specific;
  • Risk and Hazard Identification;
  • Mental Health Workshop;
  • Suicide Prevention Seminar;
  • WMS’s and JSA’s.