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Our expert team of workplace investigators, legal advisors, organisational psychologists and industrial mediators has decades of combined experience having worked in a wide range of government and private sector environments.

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Your solution is built around Best Practice processes.

Our processes adhere to Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission guidelines for workplace investigations, with all investigations conducted under the supervision of highly experienced HR and IR professionals.

Mental Health First Aid Courses

Mental Health First Aid

Think of five people you know. Chances are, at least one of them will experience mental health problems this year.

Studies have shown that early detection and intervention is the key to preventing the more serious outcomes of mental illness such as suicide or substance abuse. Find out how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental illness and learn how to help someone in crisis by becoming a certified Mental Health First Aider.

Synergy Workplace Investigations is proud to be a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) accredited trainer able to provide comprehensive MHFA skills training according to international MHFA guidelines.

Course Outline

This is an intensive 12-hour course broken into four 3-hour sessions as follows:


Part 1

Mental Illness

  • Risk factors, prevalence and impact
  • Spectrum of interventions

Mental Health First Aid

  • The MHFA Action Plan

Part 2


  • Signs, symptoms and interventions


Part 1

The MHFA Action Plan for Depression

  • Crisis first aid for suicidal thoughts and behaviours
  • (Crisis first aid for non-suicidal self injury)
  • First aid for depression

Part 2

Anxiety problems

  • Signs, symptoms and interventions


Part 1

The MHFA Action Plan for Anxiety Problems

  • Crisis first aid for panic attacks
  • Crisis first aid after a traumatic event
  • First aid for anxiety problems

Part 2


  • Signs, symptoms and interventions


Part 1

The MHFA Action Plan for Psychosis

  • Crisis first aid for severe psychotic states
  • First aid for psychosis

Part 2

Substance Use Problems

  • Signs, symptoms and interventions

The MHFA Action Plan for Substance Use Problems

  • Crisis first aid for severe effects of substance use
  • Crisis first aid for aggressive behaviour
  • First aid for substance use problems



We currently offer two-day (6 hours per day) face-to-face courses in various SE QLD locations. See our calendar for a course near you.


The 12-hour face-to-face course can be run over two consecutive days or over two to four weeks depending on staff availability.

A blended E-Learning course with a half day face-to-face component is also available for employers who cannot release staff for two consecutive full days of training.

Course duration can be tailored to suit your needs.

Prerequisites & Assessments

Good news! No prerequisites required and there are no assessments associated with this course.

Upon Completion

On successful completion of this course, students will be issued with a Certificate of Completion.


Click this button for available dates and further information on the Mental Health First Aid course. Claim CPD points.


Become a Mental Health First Aid Skilled workplace. Courses tailored to suit your workforce.

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Synergy Workplace Investigations has had extensive experience

We have investigated workplace disputes (such as bullying and harassment) across a wide range of industries including;

  • Aged care
  • Queensland Government
  • Education

  • Disability
  • Youth services
  • Not for Profit

  • Employment
  • Private Hospitals
  • Dentistry

  • Pathology
  • Mining
  • National trade unions

Synergy has an experienced team of workplace investigators ready to discuss your matter and give you an understanding of what steps you must now take to ensure an unbiased independent investigation takes place allowing for procedural fairness while achieving a resolution that will be workable and beyond reproach. +

Serious Misconduct

If your employee has caused serious risk to the health and safety of another person or to the reputation or profits of your business, or has behaved in a way that makes continuing their employment unviable, a swift, yet meticulous approach to investigating Serious Misconduct is warranted. 

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Harassment & Discrimination

Synergy Workplace Investigations provides a sensitive and holistic approach to investigating and resolving workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination complaints. We recognise the volatile and emotionally charged nature of these types of matters. 

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Conflict of Interest

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Protection Policy Development

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Illness & Injury Claims

If you suspect an employee has made a false injury claim or is taking sick leave under false pretenses, we can help. We have helped employers to uncover suspect claims, restore insurance premiums and bring fraud cases against dishonest employees.

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Child & Elder Abuse

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Pre-employment Screening through our Subsidiary

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